Temple's Property

Temple Car                

           The  wooden  car  of this temple is stationed at Adison Pettai, a center place at Kancheepuram.           

Clive's MaharaKandi

       Robert Clive was responsible for the establishment of British Rule in India.  He has donated a gold ornament with precious stones. This is called " Clive Mahara Kandi" and is used in Swamy alankaram daily.

Plaez Ornaments

            Col. Loyonal Plaez was the Collector of Kancheepurm  (Chengalpattu)  200  years  back.   He had  an ordent faith towards   Lord  Devaraja swamy Perumal.  The Costly ornaments donated by him are used for  Swamy  alankaram   during festive Occasions.



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