Poojas, Benefits

Benefits derived by devotees through Prayers:

          Lord Devarajaswamy, appearing in a delightful posture is the bestower of all boons to his devotees.

           Once Goddess Perundevi Thayar yielded to the request of Vedanta Desikar   and   blessed a  Poor  bachelor  with the rain of gold coins for his marriage.     During  Fridays devotees  throng  the  Shrine  to  offer  their prayers to Thayar for getting fortunes in their life.

             The shrines of  Sudarsana Alwar and Chakrath Alwar are situated at the eastern side of Anandasaras Tank.Those who worship Chakrath Alwar and do Pradhakshan will get the following benefits. The bad effects due to Mandra, Yandra,  Maya,  Poisonous  medicines,  weapons  and  black magic will vanish.  Fear of death gets removed.

            Childless people who worship Karumanicka Varadar, whose Sannadhi is at Alavandar Prakaram  (Corridor)  will get children.  It remains a place of worship for childless. 


            Thiruvananthalwar, whose sannadhi is situated in the same corridor blesses the Unmarried devotees with marriage fortune. 

            Dhanvandri, the deity of Medicine is capable of providing relief from diseases and blesses the devotees with healthy life.

Vaiya Malligai Lizard

            The devotees who touch and worship the golden Lizards found near the shrine of Lord Devarajaswamy get  relieved of  all their  sins and diseases.  They become prosperous. 

           Even now people not only from Tamil Nadu but also from Andhra, Karnataka and other parts of the country visit this temple and get the darshan of Golden Lizards.

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