Temple's Glory

Glory of the Place (Temple)

       Kancheepuram is one of  the  most ancient cities in India.  Out  of  seven  sacred  Cities of India  “ Ayodha, Madura,Maya, Kasi, Kanchi,  Avantika,  Dwara “   that can  bestow  salvation (Moksha) Kancheepuram is  venerated  as  most the important one.This was the Capital of Thondai Mandalam, a country filled with  scholars.  This  was  ruled fairly  by  pallava  kings  for a number of years.  

     During ancient days, Kancheepuram was a seat of famous Universities and even now it is  a  place noted  for  eminent  persons  and  educationists.  This city  witnesses the  growth  of   both  “Saivam “ and “Vainavam”.   This  city  has  got  many  temples.  No other city in India consists so many temples.  Many of these temples have been praised in Hymns (songs of Saiva and  Vainava Saints)

 Importance of the Temple :


        Among Vainava Temples, “ Koil (Temple) “  means  Srirangam,  Thirumalai (Hill)  means Thiruvengadam (Tirupati)   and “ Perumal Koil “ means Varadaraja Perumal Temple of Kancheepuram. 

            This temple is one among the most important Vainava temples and also one of the 108 Divya Desams sung by Alwars.  This was praised by Thirumangai Alwar in 4 pasurams, by Boothath Alwar in 2 pasurams and by PeyAlwar in one Pasuram.

            The Learned say that Lord Varadaraja is the god referred to by Nammalwar in his “Thiruvai mozhi”.  In conformity with this saying Nammalvar appears in this temple without “Gnana Muthra “ and  by keeping his hand on his chest.

             Thirukkachi Nambi who lived in this  place was  performing  Aalavattam (Sacred fanning) to  Lord Devarajaswamy.  It is told that this saint used  to talk to Lord everyday.  


         This is the place where Ramanujar, who used to bring holy water to Lord  for Thirumanjanam, was spotted by Alavandar as a successor to him.  It is from this place that Ramanujar  was sent to Srirangam by Thirukkachi Nambi with the blessings of Lord Devarajaswamy everyday.


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