Temple History

           Arulmigu Devarajaswamy Temple with its lofty towers and lengthy walls is situated at the eastern corner of Kancheepuram. 

            This temple is a very ancient Vainava holy place.   Not only the vaishnavites but the whole Hindu Community visits this temple regularly.

This Palatial temple was constructed at various stages, centuries ago by various kings.  A number of new structures were added and Tiruppanies done during the dynasty of Vijaya Nagara Kings between 14th and 16th century.

         During the reign of Vijananagar kings such as Krishna Devarayar, Achutharayar, Sadasivarayar, Sri Rangarayar I, Sri Venkatarayar I and Venkatarayar III,  new  buildings came up in  Devarajaswamy  Temple.  They made Punniya Kodi Vimanam golden.  

        The hundred pillared Mandapam was also built by them.  This has become a center  of  attraction to the foreign  tourists  with  exquisite carvings and delicate works of art. The Tiruppanies done by Alam Kheer Basha of Delhi during 1645 was  inscribed  on the walls of the temple.  

           Following kings have done Tiruppanis to this temple

Chola Kings

A.D. 1018 - 1054 -- Rajathi Rajan I

A.D. 1070 - 1120 -- Kulothungan   I

A.D.1118 - 1135 --  Vikrama Cholan

A.D.1146 - 1173 -- Raja Rajan II

A.D.1163 - 1179 --   Rajathi Rajan II

A.D.1178 - 1216 -- Kulothunga III

A.D.1216 - 1278 -- RajaRaja III

Telugu Cholas

A.D.1204 - 1230 -- Thammu Siddhi

A.D.1290 - 1278 -- Madurandagan, Kanda Gopala Devan, Vijaya Gopala Devan ,Veera  Kanda Gopalan

A.D.1229 - 1278 -- Koperun Cholan, the king of Kadavaraya

A.D.1251 - 1283 -- Jathavarma Sundara Pandiyan, the Pandya king

Chera Kings

A.D.1312 - 1313 -- Ravi Varma Kulasekaran

A.D.1295 - 1326 -- Kakathyar Prathapathugan II

A.D.1236 - 1320 -- Sambovarayar Samban alias Veera Sambarayan,Raja Narayana Sambuvarayan

A.D.1291 - 1342 -- Veera Pallalar III, the Heysala king


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