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This Holy Shrine is sung by Thirumangai Alwar, Boothath Alwar and Peyalwar.  After Alwars, this temple has been praised by a number of books written in Sanskrit and Tamil

Books in Sanskrit

1. Devarajashtagam by Thirukkachi Nambigal

2. Varadarajasthavam  by  Koorathalvar

3. Varadaraja Punjasath  by Vedanta Desikan

4. Varadaraja Neasathasagam by Vedanta Desikan

5. Varadaraja Sthavam by Vedanta Desikan

6. Hasthigiri Sambu  by Venkatacharya Swamy

Book in Manipravalam

Hasthagiri Mahatmiyam  by Vedanta Desikan

Books in Tamil

By Vedanta Desikan

1.Aadaikala Pathu

2.Vaishnava Dinasari

3.Artha Panjaham

4.Thiru Chinna Malai

5. Panniru Namam

By Veeraraghava Mudaliar

1.Sri Perundevi Thayar Pathigam

2.Varadaraja Perumal Panja Rathnangal (Four)

In addition to above writings there are number of songs and Pasurams available on Sri Devaraja Swamy.  The important ones are the songs (Panjakam) written by Dhottachariar of Sholinghur on Garuda Seva.

Vedanta Desikan 

          Vedanta Desikan praised Lord Devaraja Swamy in detail in his songs.  His kiranthas speak specially about  this temple and its Lord.  As a mark of respect  and recognition to  the  services rendered by Vedanta Desikan, it becomes customery,  to  make  the  procession  deities  of  Lord Devaraja Swamy and Goddess  Perundevi Thayar give darsan at  the  door steps of Desikanís  Sannidhi  and  get his  Mangala  sasanam .  The festivity begins only  after this ritual.

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