Art, Archeology, Literature

Art, Archeology

A number of Mandapams (Halls) and their pillars at this   temple  bear  testimony to the architectural talents of ancient days.  The Hundred pillared Hall  constructed during the dynasty  of   Vijayanagara rulers remain  as  an  exhibition  Hall  to   pilgrims, visitors, historious and connoisseurs of arts.

      The columns of Hundred pillared Hall are unparalleled in ‘Single Stone Sculpture Architecture ‘ which  consists  of  the  scenes  from ancient puranas like Ramayanam, Maha Bharatham, Bhagavat Gita etc., 

More over the stone chains made up of single stones found in various places  of  temples  are  best examples to the artistic excellence of our ancestors.

Wall Paintings

   In addition to this, the sculptures and wall paintings found in various Mandapams of the Temple explain various historic incidents.  

These are not only artistic but also assume archeological significance.

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